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At NuttyOgoo, we enjoy making very tasty, healthy products.


Our extra crunchy organic peanut crackers are hand made from high quality peanuts and spices with no artificial additives. Crackers are made from 97 % organic  peanuts and packed  with protein ( 47g of protein per 100g) and fiber (10.6g per 100g) making it a perfect satisfying snack.


Our Crackers are currently available in 3 savoury flavours: Original, Peppercorn and Chili flakes. 

Give NuttyOgoo ‘’Peanut Crackers’’ a Go and you will come back for more!  




A light golden oil with peanut flavour and smell, our peanut oil is carefully extracted using very natural and traditional method. This allows the oil to keep all the goodness and nutritional values.


Cold pressed peanut oil is a good source of Vitamin E and phytosterols, beta sitosterol and polyphenols. The high oleic acid content helps to reduce cholesterol.

Excellent as a neutral cooking oil that can be used in various cuisine  such us Asian, Middle Eastern, African, salad dressing and sautéing.