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Colourful Tomatoes and Burrata Salad with Lemon Zest

I like when tomatoes are in season as they taste so juicy and flavoursome. My favourite way to enjoy tomatoes is to have a simple salad with lots of olive oil, herbs and maybe some cheese to top it up. The most common choice would be to use Mozzarella Cheese and make “Caprese salad”, however I have decided to replace it with Burrata Cheese and added lemon zest for an extra twist. This salad proves that the simplest recipes are often the best.

This tomato salad comes from Italy and is often served as Antipasto (appetizer). I often have it as a side salad to go with my main meal. You can also have it as a meal on its own as it’s so filling and satisfying. I would suggest making this salad only when tomatoes are in season as it tastes so much better.

Burrata is like mozzarella, the main difference is that burrata has a creamy centre and is also creamier with a richer taste. The texture of burrata is slightly different and it oozes out when cut with a knife.

Here is how to make it:


1 burrata (150 g drained)

3 medium tomatoes

20 min of olive il

Zest from ½ lemon

A bunch of fresh basil

Salt and pepper to a taste


Slice the tomatoes and arrange them on the plate or in the salad bowl.

Drain the burrata and place it on top of the tomatoes.

Grate ½ of the lemon to get the lemon zest and sprinkle it over the burrata

Scatter fresh basil leaves over your plate, drizzle some olive oil and add salt and pepper according to a taste.


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