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Lettuce wrap sandwich “the Unwich”

Let’s be honest here, we all like a simple and quick recipes that we can easily pack into our lunch boxes without making too much mess. Sandwiches and wraps are probably most common food that we tend to eat for lunch. What do you do when you try to cut down on carbs? You do the “unwich”, right? 😊 Trust me you will love this simple and delicious recipe!

Here is how to make it:


3 large leaves of iceberg lettuce

Few slices of your favourite ham (I have used 1 slice of smoked ham and 6 slices of salami,

2 slices of tomatoes

4-5 slices of avocado

Squeeze of full fat mayonnaise or your favourite salad dressing

Parchment paper


Lay the parchment paper on the flat surface, place the flatten salad leaves in the bottom and pack the lettuce leaves with all the toppings: ham, tomatoes, avocado & mayonnaise.

Roll the sandwich from bottom to the top, and sides (please refer to a video).

Enjoy! 😊

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