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A light golden, versatile oil with peanut flavour and smell often use in Asian, Middle Eastern, African cooking, salads and for sautéing. It has high smoke point which makes it ideal for stir frying and deep frying resulting in tasty crispy golden food. Our oil is carefully extracted using very natural and traditional method from organic peanuts. This allows the oil to keep all the goodness and nutritional values.

Organic Cold Pressed Peanut Oil (250ml)

  • 100% organic peanut oil.

  • Typical values Per 100g



    Protein 0.1
    Fat of which  99.6
        Mono-unsaturated 36.4
        Poly-unsaturated 43.4
        Saturated 19.7
    Carbohydrate of which  <0.5
        Sugars <0.1
    Fibre <0.5
    Salt 0
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